Popular Trends in Portable Houses

Container, Prefab and Mobile Villa. What is a container?
28 March 2019

Popular Trends in Portable Houses

Konteyner ve Prefabrik Evler

Konteyner ve Prefabrik Evler

Containers and Prefab Houses

Container houses are produced with the latest system in the desired size. Container houses can be produced with two rooms, tea room and a bathroom depending on the project. Before it was all about traditional construction, however, today’s hip is containers! Container houses are resistant to the climate conditions just like the prefabs. The cost of container houses is more suitable than prefab houses. Since the container houses can be transported to the desired land, they have been the choice of those who are engaged in construction. Any desired feature can be applied to prefab houses. This desired feature can be requests such as warehouse or infirmary. It is also possible to construct a roof over container houses according to the person’s request.

It can be designed according to the climatic conditions and natural characteristics of the region. If you want to move, the transportation process is very simple as well. It can be moved and installed elsewhere. In natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, there is no risk of damage to the containers and prefab houses. The models are usually standard but can be designed according to the person’s wishes.

Portable Villa

The number of people who prefer this type of houses is increasing in today’s world, since portable villas can move and also move in a desired period of time. Portable villa style houses are at preferred both because they are easy to move and because they offer a great housing experience. A portable villa is transported by large trucks. The size and weight of these houses should be considered according to the criteria determined by the highway administration

The portable villas, which are really suitable economically, are big enough to serve nuclear family. Similar to a caravan, it can be used in areas with no building permit. These houses, which can be moved to the places where people are deserted or dense, can be used for many purposes. Although the interior of the house is small, it is possible to give a chic look with a few items. These houses can be made of wood or concrete as well as tile. In addition to its aesthetics, these eco-friendly houses also recyclable.


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