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28 March 2019
Konteyner ve Prefabrik Evler

Popular Trends in Portable Houses

Containers and Prefab Houses Container houses are produced with the latest system in the desired size. Container houses can be produced with two rooms, tea room and a bathroom depending on the project. Before it was all about traditional construction, however, today’s hip is containers! Container houses are resistant to the climate conditions just like the prefabs. The cost of container houses is more suitable than prefab houses. Since the container houses can be transported to the desired land, they have been the choice of those who are engaged in construction. Any desired feature can be applied to prefab houses. […]
28 March 2019

Container, Prefab and Mobile Villa. What is a container?

Big companies and enterprises produce products in various sectors. In large sums, various problems arise as a result of product production. Different alternatives are being developed to solve such problems. In such companies where the products are produced in large numbers, the problem of transportation of products is one of the most important problems. Special productions produced for product transportation are called containers. Its size depends on the product that is going to be placed in it. There are specific protection needs on different products. Some products should be kept cold and others protected from cold. These types of protection […]
28 March 2019

Perfect Villas for the perfection of nature

Do not run away from the nature, run to nature Spaces have the power to guide the human soul. If one is happy in their own space, then one is more creative, successful and constructive at workplace as well as other activities. But if the living space is not a happy one, then when things in life go bad, you may feel even worse. That’s why we came up with the idea of a mobile living space. Now you can take your home with you, anywhere and without giving up your familiar comfortable way of live! Although it is hard […]
28 March 2019

Container Structures that can be used in every space

One of the basic needs for humans is sheltering. Since the dawn of time, human beings lived in certain conditions and these conditions constantly change. With technology the structures are evolving, and the containers are the result of this evolution because they are cheaper than their alternatives and can be used almost everywhere problem-free. Our expert staff produces these containers to be used as kiosks, restaurants, health center, library or summer house. The containers which are produced for customs designs can be made into multiple stored structures with the colors preferred. These structures are lighter thus easier to move around […]
28 March 2019

Types of Container with durable and enduring properties

The container products which are produced for people who are tired of living in apartments and want to live in a calmer life in modest structures, were used for transportation for quite a long time. However, since the containers are produced with metal and iron which make them more durable, they are now preferred as living spaces. It is simple to add stores to these containers and they are easily moved around. Prices depend on the materials used. The containers which are used in summer regions, big cities and high hills, are produced in factory. The materials that are produced […]
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