You first need a land in order to get a MOVI living space.

The second step is to provide us with the details preferred size and the expectations of a living space.

In the third step we offer you a standard type production plan which can be found on our website. If you approve any of these plans you may be able to purchase a MOVI house according to the prices that can be found on our fee list on the website.

If our standard plans do not satisfy your needs, then we might have a detailed conversation with you on your own preferences of what you would like your house to be like. And after this conversation we will provide you with alternative draft plans. We guarantee you that you will like at least one of these plans.

Once we agree on what kind of plan we will pursue, then we will begin choosing the type of material to be used in the structure as well as your other demands. Only after this we can provide you with an exact price.

Once you agree on the price, we will prepare an agreement that contains the hour of work, the production details, the materials that will be used.

The production in our factory will begin once the agreement is signed and the advance payment is paid. You may visit our factory during the production phase if you like.

Once the production is complete, the product will be ready to be checked by you to ensure everything is in order. After this the process of transportation will begin. The product will be shipped once the transportation price is paid.

If you would like to use your own method of transportation, it is up to you, if not we can provide you with our own method of transportation. After the transportation, the modules will be put together, this will take 1-2 days depending on the type of assembly.

MOVI living space is now ready for you! Enjoy!

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